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Case Study HNTB - Bootights


PROGRAM: Influencer Engagement


Bootights is a fun, stylish hosiery brand that with a patent-pending design on its high-quality tights that have a comfy sock attached to them. Bootights are designed to be worn with boots, preventing gals from having to borrow their significant others’ socks when layering boots over their tights. The majority of Bootights’ revenue comes from wholesale buyers though Bootights can be found in boutiques and major retailers throughout the country. Bootights has the opportunity to grow the consumer side of its business by increasing brand awareness and engagement through direct-to-consumer marketing efforts.

Understanding that only 10 percent of Bootights revenue/purchases come from direct-to-consumer sales and the only place to buy directly from Bootights is online, Fructify powered by Sturges Word Communications was tasked to develop a campaign that would spark digital activity (conversations, clicks, web traffic, social media engagement) and start the process of AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).


Strategy: Develop an influencer relations campaign that builds brand awareness and drives online activity.

Fructify by Sturges Word Communications developed a digital campaign, “Bootights Three Ways,” that asked influencers to style the same pair of Bootights three ways to demonstrate the hosiery’s versatility. The goal of the campaign was to spark digital engagement and ultimately build brand awareness. The strategy included dripped influencer content, social media integration and content development. The strategy was integrated and aligned with the PESO media model (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned).

To execute on the strategy, Fructify tapped into its national blogger database, reaching out to influencers who were a good fit for Bootights’ target audience. It worked with these influencers on blog content, product placement and social media integration. The drip content was posted over a two-month period.

In order to generate more digital buzz, Fructify powered by Sturges Word Communications developed content for Bootights to share on its owned social media and blog channels and used paid/organic content to drive views and engagement to the campaign landing page.


Fructify secured seven strategic influencer partnerships that garnered 73 pieces of coverage and collectively generated more than 250,000 impressions, more than 8,000 views and more than 3,000 social interactions.

  • Average order value on doubled year-over-year during the same time period.
  • Two of the Bootights styled featured by bloggers were the top selling products of the month.
  • Top referrer influencers increased time on site increased by 1000 percent during the campaign.
  • Influencers created owned content for Bootights to use across its website, social media channels and blog.

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