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We help clients with a broad range of creative services, from comprehensive rebranding projects that refresh the look of an entire organization to a tri-fold brochure. No matter what the size and scope of your project, we bring the same commitment to strategy and attention to detail. We begin each creative project by defining your organization’s brand and communication objective to ensure our work resonates with your employees, shareholders, customers and community. We also work with you to determine the best distribution strategy for the project. How will your great new website get noticed? How will your sales force use those marketing materials? Our team will make sure the results of your program look as good as the creative that supports it.


If you’re a local entrepreneur or a national company, if you want to make a splash with an event in Kansas City market, you should give us a call. Our team has managed events for a wide variety of organizations and occasions, from groundbreakings to grand openings. We understand that a successful event demands meticulous attention to every aspect of the project. We help you find the right vendors, invite the right people, and pick the right time to maximize the impact of your special occasion.

Public Relations

From internal communications to public involvement and thought leadership, we tailor the program to advance the strategy so that it delivers measurable results. When the matter escalates to crisis communication, we have helped clients navigate a wide variety of complex issues, usually under crushing time constraints. Your organization should have a practical crisis communication plan that can be activated instantly. Our experienced team helps you set up your organization’s crisis team, complete the crisis assessment, develop the plan and tests it to make sure it works instead of gathers dust.

Influencer Engagement

Looking to engage influencers to market your products or services, but know don’t how to navigate the sea of bloggers, Pinsters and YouTube stars? Rest easy…we have you covered. We’ve developed a national database of influencers by niche, geography, interests, writing style and more that allows us to pair your company with influencers that align with your brand. We’ll guide the strategy, manage the influencers and track results so your brand can start reaping the rewards of influencer engagement.

Social Media

Effective strategic communication has always relied on thoughtful engagement between an organization and its key publics. Social media didn’t change that universal truth, but it sure made it a whole lot more complicated, instant, and relentlessly changing. We help clients develop meaningful engagement strategies to connect with their target audiences in a relevant way. What works for a highly focused B2B client might not be the right fit for a mass market B2C company. But odds are pretty good that no matter what the organization or industry, social media strategy should be part of the conversation.

Strategic Planning

Everything starts with strategy. We help you articulate a clear and achievable objective. We walk you through your audiences, what we should know about them, what you want them to think or do. We test what they need to hear or see. Then we talk through the medium, the communication tool or tools that will help you communicate, and connect. We use first- or third-party research to establish the baseline against which the program is measured. It unveils critical understanding of your target market. It quantifies thought leadership credibility. We do the research appropriate to your program goals and budget.