Social Media – Bigger than you think

You know that social media is big, omnipresent, relentless, growing exponentially every single second, yes? Well, it’s bigger than you think.

Erik Qualman, an online education, marketing and e-business thought leader, is author of “Socialnomics,” a book exploring how social media transforms our lives and the way we do business. He’s produced several YouTube videos to promote his book and share some impressive statistics about the undeniable importance of social media.

The first of those videos has been wildly popular, and focused on the rapid growth of various social media challenges. That’s all well and good, but most organizations care more about ROI and growing business than they do simply following the crowd. Those unconvinced by his first video, might be persuaded by his latest work (shown above) in which he shares some impressive bottom-line results.

His point, which he has gone to great pains to validate: social media represents a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. If you are not a believer, open your eyes.