The Art of Social Media Plans

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr have become increasingly popular places for people to share about their lives. More people and companies are using these for professional reasons, blurring the lines even more between professional and personal.

However, only 20 percent of companies worldwide have a social media policy in place, according to an article in Public Relations Tactics. It is very important to have such a policy to protect the company’s brand and have a consistent voice across all channels.

When building your company’s social media plan, there are six key elements that need to be incorporated.

– Leverage the positive.
– Focus on what employees can do rather than what they can’t do.
– Be responsible.
– Be authentic.
– Bring value
– Respect copyrights and fair use.

These elements will give employers and their employees guiding principals about what is and is not okay to post on the worldwide web. In addition, it will ensure that your company’s messaging is unified and on target.