The Business of Being Strategic

Can professional communicators be strategic thinkers without reviewing or discussing their client’s business plans? The answer is no.

Strategic communication plans need to be connected to the client’s business plan. If the tactics in communications plan have no connection to the business plan, it becomes difficult to have an impact on a company’s bottom line.

At SWC, we take it a step further than just discussing a client’s business plan and objectives. We talk to employees at every level of the organization from the C-suite to the front lines to understand who their target audiences are, the attitudes, experiences, and behaviors of those audiences, and what those audiences need to hear and understand for the client to achieve its business objective.

This conversation along with the business objective guides the tactics and strategies we put in place to reach the target audience. It allows us to identify the proper communication channels and craft messages that will resonate with each audience.

By taking the time to understand who our client is, how their organization operates, and who their audiences are, we are able to mitigate concerns and produce results.