The Need for New Collateral

Almost every company has used collateral pieces to gain new business and increase revenue. Currently, companies are looking for cost effective ways to increase sales through revamping these marketing materials. But do they really need too?

SWC Principal, Linda Word, shares with us five questions that will help companies decide if new materials are really needed.

1. How much revenue do you want generated from this piece?
2. Does this piece tie in with the rest of your marketing materials?
3. Who are your audiences, what do they want to hear and how do they like to be contacted?
4. What communication vehicle (i.e. website, mobile, brochure) should we use to contact these audiences?
5. How do you want to use this piece and when will you know it has been a success?

If you can answer these questions and know this new collateral will generate more money than it cost to create, then have a new one designed. Otherwise, look at the collateral you already have in place, and see how you can use this to your advantage.