19 Word Years at SW

52,250 hours. 988 weeks. 533 designs. 280 students. 190 clients. 153 awards. 133 business books. 76 jazz albums.

60 issues: Fast Company. 36 trips: APDF.org, AIGA.com & Worldcomgroup.com. 21 all-nighters.17 trips: Oak Creek Canyon. 15 non-profits. 12 design staff. 7 foreign countries with cool beer bottles. 6 years teaching. 4 vintage cars. 1 business partner: Melissa Sturges.

I believe we all have a purpose in life. Every Monday, as I’ve started a new work week, I try to reflect on the creative talents God has given me. I feel driven to use those gifts in the best way possible to help other organizations.

People ask if I still like what I do after 19 years, co-owning a marketing communications firm, designing brochures, creating brands, leading strategic planning sessions, mentoring clients and teaching staff. And I can still say yes.

Thanks to all who’ve shared in the memories these past 19 years.