WCA Waste Corporation


WCA Waste Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, is a full-service waste services company operating in 10 states. On entering the Kansas City metropolitan market, it acquired territories previously serviced by other providers, inheriting legacy-branded equipment and reputational issues with municipalities and their residents. This resulted in dilution to WCA’s brand presence in the market — further diminished both by contracts that prevented WCA from communicating directly with a municipality’s residents and by WCA’s own absence from common social channels.


The Sturges Word team launched local social media channels and implemented a social media strategy to restore WCA’s brand health, increase brand visibility and build an engaged community of advocates. As part of the strategy, SWC:

  • Created content pillars to inform WCA’s social media calendar and to ensure an appropriate mix of news, such as route updates, and employee features to humanize the brand.
  • Provided constant monitoring of comments and direct messages and tracked sentiment in order to monitor reputation.
  • Prior to launch, SWC anticipated frequently asked questions and complaints and prepared pre-authorized responses in order to respond to customers quickly and thoroughly.
  • Implemented a strategic use of paid social advertising to grow social followers, impressions and engagements.


0% Increase
in social media followers
within the first year

0% Increase
in impressions
within the first year

0% Increase
in engagements
within the first year

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