SWC’s Fast Five

Voter suppression, it’s not just today’s news. You’ll see that in the story on the 19th amendment. And then we have mail for you, lots of mail, which you won’t have to send to a fifth of this year’s college students because they will be home. The good news? The show goes on for one Thanksgiving tradition.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment celebrated: Five myths debunked.

Here’s one. The myth: The most important suffragists were white. The reality: Women of color played a key role in the suffrage movement but got left out of the telling of it.

2 More than 20 percent of all college students deferring for fall.

A College Reaction poll reports that 22 percent of current college students say they are not attending college this fall. What are they doing instead? Two-thirds are working.

3 Absentee. Mail-in. Here’s the deal on mail voting.

Is there a difference between absentee and mail-in voting? Umm, not really. For many voters and election officials the terms have become interchangeable.

4 More mail. USPS funding drama is not just about the election.

While USPS is a government agency with federal employees, it doesn’t get taxpayer money and instead depends on commercial activities like selling postage, products and services to self-fund.

5 A virtual parade, maybe. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade goes on.

The tradition continues, sorta. Macy’s says it will reimagine the event to avoid drawing crowds. Alrighty then.