Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

Shipping costs have finally started sinking. Flying? Plan to track your bags if you want to find them. Guess what? Prenups are no longer only for the rich and famous and it turns out real people make the best influencers. Meanwhile, far-away galaxies are now much closer.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Shipping costs finally start to sink

The reduction in transportation costs is good news for manufacturers and retailers after two years of rapidly rising expenses.

2 Flying to Europe? Best pack an AirTag

The baggage chaos at airports has gotten so bad, that passengers are using AirTags and similar devices to track their bags themselves.

3 Prenups aren’t just for rich people anymore

More Americans, particularly younger Americans, are getting prenups. The main reason according to experts is the historic level of dept many of them have acquired.

4 Influencers are out – authenticity is in

The influencer economy is on the brink of a seismic shift. Marketers are pulling back on influencer campaigns—and promoting user-generated content from ‘real’ people.

5 NASA captures groundbreaking images of distant galaxies

The universe’s splendor and breadth are on display like never before, thanks to a new batch of images that NASA released from the James Webb Space Telescope on July 13, 2022.