Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

It’s an existential journey in today’s Fast Five with 10-year-olds calling it quits, great work being the *new* metric darling, emoji colors sparking debate, iPhones conducting even more business and, satisfaction, how are you doing at getting some of that?

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Is it the year Gen Z calls it quits?

It seems 65 percent of Gen Zers plan to join the Great Resignation this year. Gen Z is entering the workforce on their own terms, demanding change with a new sense of boldness not seen in previous generations. Since the age range of this cohort is 10 – 25 years old, might have to restock the fridge and up the babysitting money.

2 Employee engagement is out. Here’s a better metric

As companies scramble to retain top talent and boost productivity in 2022, many will seek to double down on employee engagement. They may be wasting their money, studies say. Instead of focusing on engagement these research geniuses suggest measuring, drum roll, great work. Der.

3 Which skin color emoji should you use?

The answer can be more complex than you think. Choosing a skin tone emoji can open a complex conversation about race and identity for some. How about you?

4 iPhones to become credit card readers

Apple is set to transform iPhones into contactless credit card readers and payment processors later this year. The launch comes as contactless payments have exploded, partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Why do they bother to still call this thing a phone?

5 How to want less?

The secret to satisfaction has nothing to do with achievement, money, or stuff. Satisfaction = getting what you want. As we wind our way through life, satisfaction – the joy from fulfillment of our wishes or expectations – is evanescent. No matter what we achieve, it seems to slip from our grasp. Contentment seems a less grasping goal than satisfaction, if you ask Fast Five…