Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

There might be some goodies lurking in your spam folder, not a bad idea to take a squint, and to do also with your recovery email addresses. When is the last time you checked those? Resumes are still a thing but no one is putting “manager” goals on there. And if you are among those bringing back in-store shopping, retailers are working on your care and comforts.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Don’t ignore your spam folder. Woman learns she won $3 million

A Michigan woman struck gold in her spam folder. She found out she won the lottery while searching for a missing email in her junk folder. Not only did she win, but she has now added the organization to her safe senders list just in case she gets lucky again!

2 Why are we still writing resumes?

The pandemic changed everything about work, but when it comes to looking for work, job seekers are advised to distill their work history in one typewritten page. Hiring managers and recruiters still rely on the resume and say it’s the most effective tool for finding candidates.

3 Now is a good time to update your recovery email addresses

It’s important not to get complacent. Checking your backup email addresses and other recovery details only takes a minute or two, and one day you might be glad you did. With an abundance of password managers, all making it easy, logging into our numerous accounts is more seamless than ever.

4 Why no one on your team wants to be a manager anymore

According to a CareerBuilder survey, most people don’t want to be managers. Companies have created a job called “manager,” which has a very poor reputation. Pile on the always-moving nature of work today and you’ve got a major disconnect between the job description and the real world.

5 Post-pandemic shift for retailers – more comfortable stores

The pandemic has refocused retailers on how people use their physical stores. They are now seeking designs that prioritize the clarity of the experience – simple signage, easy wayfinding, and more intuitive store layouts so customers can see where they need to go. It’s about ease of use.