Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

Bionic Reading could turn you into a speed reader. FaceTime is still Apple, but now you can call Android and Windows. Malls maybe from an era gone by, but mall walkers still treasure the consistent weather they provide. And just when you thought you’d landed the perfect job – your new employer says, “just kidding.” Meanwhile, the cost of eating out is going up with “kitchen appreciation” charges!

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Can bionic reading make you a speed reader?

What if something as simple as bolding parts of a word could make reading a breeze, improving your focus, speed and comprehension? Doing so, according to Bionic Reading, directs the eyes to focus on the important parts of the text, as your brain reads faster than your eye.

2 How to FaceTime from Apple to Android or Windows

It’s almost as easy as making a FaceTime call between Apple devices – and nobody has to install new software. Apple users already have FaceTime installed on all their devices, and Android or Windows users just follow a link to open up the FaceTime call in their browsers. It’s about as easy as it gets.

3 Lessons from the golden age of mall walkers

Shopping malls won over a wide range of admirers by providing something they couldn’t find in the public parks or sidewalks: a safe pedestrian experience. The mall, in its quiet early hours, provides affordances most cities and suburbs cannot: even, open walkways, consistent weather, bathrooms and benches.

4 Pulled job offers shock tech workers

As layoffs become more common in the increasingly volatile tech startup landscape, another trend is emerging. A growing number of people are reporting that offers they’ve received to join a new firm are being rescinded.

5 Eating out will cost you – more

Next time you eat out, check the bottom of your restaurant bill and you may see some surprise fees and surcharges. “Kitchen appreciation,” “fuel surcharge” and “noncash adjustment” are a few of the cost’s restaurants are now charging customers as they grapple with a tight labor market.