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Fast Five – October 9, 2020

SWC’s Fast Five

October 9, 2020

Dive into the Nobel Prize season – it will make you feel better about the world, so we share a deeper look here along with the hurricane record making, COVID good news / bad news, today’s neurosis in the stock market and, yes, it is Christmas shopping time.

Fast Five – October 9, 20202020-10-14T15:18:26-05:00

Fast Five – October 2, 2020

SWC’s Fast Five

October 2, 2020

Stunning news of President Trump testing positive for COVID-19 overshadows all other news which in today’s Fast Five includes airlines furloughing tens of thousands, how few of us pay taxes, the little-known man at FOX who calls the election for the news outlet and some nonsense about Crocs.

Fast Five – October 2, 20202020-10-14T15:20:11-05:00

Fast Five – September 25, 2020

SWC’s Fast Five

September 25, 2020

We say goodbye to Justice Ginsburg, hello to an unwelcome COVID milestone and its downward effect on manufactured goods orders, are surprised by the pandemic’s salutary effect on making us more agreeable and we have another miss in the daily asteroid dodgeball game.

Fast Five – September 25, 20202020-10-14T15:22:17-05:00

SWC’s Fast Five – August 21st

SWC’s Fast Five

August 21, 2020

Voter suppression, it’s not just today’s news. You’ll see that in the story on the 19th amendment. And then we have mail for you, lots of mail, which you won’t have to send to a fifth of this year’s college students because they will be home. The good news? The show goes on for one Thanksgiving tradition.

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