Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

Free samples will come in handy as you may still be trying to pay off your master’s degree student loans. Saying thank you after an interview leaves a lasting impression and could help you land your next job – even if it’s of the boomerang kind. And no matter what kind of job you have, post-pandemic, the smarties are sleeping in if they can.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Free samples are back but with safety in mind

For customers, sampling makes it fun to shop and discover new items – not to mention getting all the freebies. For retailers, they’re critical tools to keep shoppers coming back and  battle against online retailers like Amazon.

2 Master’s degrees that don’t pay

No-limit federal student loans make master’s degrees a gold mine for universities like Columbia and other top destinations that push programs which fail to generate enough income for graduates to keep up with six-figure school debt. Fine Arts in Film, anyone?

3 Just had an interview? Here’s the right way to follow up

After your interview, the best way to leave a lasting impression is to say thank you. Duh! But many candidates skip it or forget it. Taking the initiative to show the interviewer your gratitude can set you apart.

4 The boomerang-worker boom

“Boomerang workers” — those who’ve returned to their hometowns to do remote work — rose with the pandemic, but the phenomenon shows signs of sticking around beyond it.

5 The pandemic changed sleep habits. Maybe that’s a good thing

For many people, the pandemic has changed their morning routine. No more rushing to drive to work as we’re sleeping in an average of 30 minutes longer during the week. We’ve also shifted our wake times, getting out of bed nearly an hour later than we used to.