Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

Fast Five is feeling thankful so this week we bring you goodies from saving grandma’s recipes to upbeat gift ideas for the tech-inclined in your household plus cheering news of a young CEO, more flex for the creator economy in sharing its content and, ah, the four-day work week is getting real people.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 How to preserve and share Grandma’s recipes

Going digital can save time and money and keep family traditions alive. Best of all it reduces waste and allows you to eat more healthfully by planning ahead and choosing recipes that meet personalized dietary needs.

2 Only 10 years old, but already the CEO of her own cosmetics company

A fifth grader from Georgia made history becoming the youngest ever member of the Chamber of Commerce in Georgia. Her makeup is already being sold in beauty supply stores in three states – Arkansas, Georgia and Virginia – and can be shipped across the county.

3 The 8 best tech gift ideas for the 2021 holiday

Tech the Halls as we head into a (hopefully) more convivial, less stressful 2022. We’re all ready for the mood to lift. These upbeat gifts will help people on your list re-engage with the more joyful side of life.

4 New social media trend: Old-fashioned links

Finally, new startups – along with tech giants – are making it easier for users to add external links to their profiles and content. Link-sharing has been especially contentious between competitive platforms. Now firms will be able to keep users engaged on their own platforms.

5 Is the four-day workweek finally within our grasp?

Ever since the 1970s, the four-day workweek has seemed to be just around the corner, but this time it looks to be for real. Driven by the flexible work arrangements that were introduced during the pandemic, concern for burnout and empowerment of employees in a tight labor market, some companies are now embracing a shorter workweek.