SWC’s Fast Five

Throughout the past month, we’ve brought you news to keep you informed and entertained through the stay-at-home order. Now, cities are beginning to reopen, but we can’t stop now! So this week, we are sharing some news you can use whether you plan to venture out or stay in, including store mask policies and Kansas City’s own reopening plan.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service

Whether you are required to wear a mask when in public is largely dependent on state and local policies (though it is highly encouraged). But if you are going grocery shopping without a mask, be sure to check this list of national brands before you head out. Some stores, including Costco, are now requiring masks for entry.

2 Speaking of masks…

Is there a way to wear one without your glasses fogging up? There is, and it’s very simple.

3 Kansas City’s 10-10-10 plan amended

Kansas City plans to reopen May 15, following a “10-10-10” approach. Recently, Mayor Quinton Lucas amended the plan to make providing contact information voluntary. Check out the city’s website to see what that means for you.

4 Just Do(nate) It

Nike recently designed a shoe specifically for healthcare workers, designed to support them during 12-hour shifts. Now, Nike is back in the news, donating more than 30,000 pairs to healthcare workers in the United States and Europe.

5 Virtual graduation

If you or a loved one is missing out on a graduation ceremony this year (or even if you just love motivational commencement speeches), YouTube announced that it is streaming a virtual commencement next month. Speakers include the Obamas, Lady Gaga, Malala Yousafzi and more. Check out the article for more details.