SWC’s Fast Five

You know the drill…it’s time for another installment of SWC’s Fast Five. We’ve read dozens of articles this week — these are the five we saved just for you.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Is your state reopening? Here’s each state’s plan

Last week, some state leaders announced plans to relax stay-at-home restrictions and partially reopen their economies…but with 50 states, each state’s specific plan can get a little confusing. If you still aren’t sure what the update on your state is, CNN broke it down for you. Of course, this is continuously changing, so be sure to look for updates from your local leaders.

2 What’s the deal with meat?

Among the news of various meat processing-plants closing due to worker safety concerns, Tyson Foods warned on April 26 that the U.S. “food supply chain is breaking.” Here’s what you need to know about the meat industry from a reliable source.

3 How effective is your DIY mask?

According to researchers from Texas A&M University, pretty effective if you use the right materials. Researchers studied the effectiveness of household supplies used to line DIY masks, including coffee filters and vacuum bags. These are the materials they found to be the most protective.

4 Drive thru zoo opens in Texas

Here’s a cool initiative by the San Antonio Zoo: they are now allowing guests to tour the zoo from their cars. That’s right, you can now add “zoo” to the list of things that have gone “curbside” since the COVID-19 outbreak.

5 Newspaper delivery man delivering smiles

Time for some feel-good news! A newspaper delivery man in Mercer County, New Jersey, took it upon himself to help high-risk residents on his paper route by providing them with FREE grocery delivery. With the increased demand for traditional grocery delivery services resulting in long wait times, his personal shopping and delivery service is some residents only means of receiving food.