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Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

After working from home for the past two years, of course RTO is going to be annoying. But evidently, it’s a great year to be graduating and starting work. Thankfully cash stuffing will help you save money while you’re checking out the new digital Rolling Stone format. And who knew bird-friendly beef is the new thing?

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Everything that’s annoying about RTO

After working at home for two years, the impact of the office environment can be even greater given the anxiety that some people feel about it. The question is, which disruptive behaviors to address and how.

2 It’s a great year to be graduating

Job recruiting on college campuses roars back to life. Young professionals coming out of college this spring are in high demand. Employers plan to hire at least 30% more new graduates this year than they did last year.

3 Young people are saving money and paying off debt through ‘cash stuffing’

The envelope budgeting method has made a comeback on TikTok in the form of “cash stuffing.” Videos under the #cashstuffing hashtag have garnered over 360 million views. With recession risks rising and inflation heating up, this is a great way for people to have more control over their money.

4 Rolling Stone pivots to creators

Rolling Stone is set to debut its inaugural “Creators” issue as it plans to invest heavily in covering creators moving forward. Live events will continue to be a bigger part of Rolling Stone’s business as it moves away from print toward digital experiences.

5 New designation: “Bird-friendly” beef

The National Audubon Society is introducing a new certification program. Cattle ranchers who can show that their ecological practices will restore bird populations will earn the designation “bird-friendly beef” for their products.