Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

A good-for-kids social platform? Remote work – same pay, discuss! And, the latest employee get me/keep me requirement. Dress that salad with hemp seeds and Amazon sellers (thus we buyers) will be ponying up for an inflation fee.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 A hot new (healthier) social media platform for kids 

BeReal has gained popularity as an antidote to the pressure young users now face to be creative and look perfect online. Kids post once each day and cannot doctor their photos.

2 Yes pay and flexibility, but also this thing

According to a study, 68 percent of workers said continuing skills development was important to their career, second only to personal growth (77 percent). This echoes what hiring experts have been saying – recruitment and retention success requires emphasis on career development.

3 Yum! It’s hemp

Hemp seeds “have become a popular health food for their protein, fiber, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and other nutrients,” tells us — that while hemp comes from the same species of plant as cannabis, it won’t get you high.

4 Amazon adds fuel-inflation fee

For the first time in its history, Amazon will add a 5% fuel and inflation fee to online merchants. The fee hike applies only to sellers that choose to use Amazon’s fulfillment and shipping services.

5 Should remote workers earn less?

The case for going into an office regularly is having to be made to the workforce – and many are rejecting it. Meanwhile, CEOs are having to grapple with employees who want more flexibility, the ability to work remotely and the ability to choose their working hours – all this without a pay cut.