Fast Fi ve

SWC’s Fast Five

While most of us have returned to our crowded pre-pandemic behaviors, the most women ever were appointed to Fortune 500 boards last year. So, you think too much of your personal info is out there? Google will now let you submit requests to remove it. Meanwhile “nonfunctional” grass in the Southwest will soon to be history. And if you can’t bear to throw out your old photos, convert them to digital and keep them forever!

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 Hygiene is out; mosh pits are in?

People have returned to their old habits in many ways, while pandemic stars like hand sanitizer and stationary bikes have faded. Now many Americans are rocking out at crowded concerts, working out next to strangers at the gym and stocking a standard supply of toilet paper.

2 The most ever – women appointed to Fortune 500 boards

Women comprised 45 percent of all new Fortune 500 board appointments in 2021, a new high, while Black directors were 26 percent of new appointees. In addition, a record 43 percent of all new appointees to these boards were first-time directors — a key driver of diversity.

3 Where lawns are outlawed (and dug up, and carted away)

With drought and growth taking a toll on the Colorado river, the source of 90 percent of the Southwest region’s water, a new law in Las Vegas mandates the removal of all turf considered “nonfunctional” in a dramatic effort to conserve water.

4 Scan them, save them, ignore them, too

Have crumbling albums of old photos, boxes of slides, envelopes bursting with negatives but can’t bear to throw them away? Converting it all to digital images is cheaper and easier than ever. You can heave a sigh of relief that you have preserved this family history in the cloud, and never look at them there, either.

5 How to remove your personal info from Google’s search results

Maybe you don’t want your phone number, email, and home address out there for all the web to see. The public can now submit removal requests for additional Google Search results containing personal information.