Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

The baby shower concept morphs into business showers as startups cash in on this gift giving fixture while pool owners rake it in by putting their backyard splash on the rental Swimply. Got goat’s milk? You just might as the dairy industry moooves on, chief purpose officers move in – to the C suite. And as all of us kick back and watch as the Olympics kick in, let’s take a look at the best Olympic logos of all time to get that party started.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 An ‘Airbnb for pools’ is making a splash this summer

Pool owners have made about 122,000 bookings since the start of 2020, using Swimply. Business boomed during the health crisis as public pools closed and people sought to make extra cash or safely gather after months of lockdown.

2 The best Olympic logos of all time

The Olympics have produced some of the most exciting brand identities of the past century. They have long enabled host cities to communicate their hopes and ambitions to the world, and the best Olympic logos are like a welcoming committee, enticing viewers to learn more.

3 The C-suite job of the future: Chief purpose officer

Responding to employees, customers and shareholders, more and more firms are dedicating entire departments to tackle societal issues and even hiring a purpose-focused executive – chief purpose officer – to lead the efforts.

4 Business showers. Congratulations it’s a startup

Startup founders are increasingly throwing “business showers” to mark a life-changing milestone – launching their own company. Guests bring gifts that help with startup costs and it generates client interest to grow the company.

5 Family farm swaps cows for goats amid changed dairy industry

Grappling with a changed industry, a dairy farm in Vermont makes the drastic decision to switch from cows to goats. Fluctuating milk prices paid to dairy cow farmers and rising costs have driven small family farms to go big, out of business or get creative.