Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

Monday is the new Saturday for saying “I do’s” this summer. And as TikTok does job search, your co-workers say adios to 9 – 5. Meanwhile, Mattel wants you to send back your old Barbie. But at 98, the Jewish Oprah, is still zooming!

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 TikTok launching jobs service for Gen Z

Traditional resumes may be a thing of the past. TikTok is testing a new tool for brands to recruit employees. Users will be able to post a video resume showcasing their work experience in a unique way.

2 98 and still zooming!

Who says age is a barrier? When Covid hit and shut down the local Community Center, this 98-year-old started hosting “The Ladies Room,” a group of about 50 women via Zoom. The participants find her inspiring, even dubbing her the “Jewish Oprah.”

3 Is a Great Resignation coming?

Are you ready to say adios to your job? You’re not alone. When there’s uncertainty, people tend to stay put, so there are pent-up resignations that didn’t happen over the past year. Now that companies are having workers come back into the office. People are deciding that the 9 – 5 office grind just isn’t for them anymore.

4 Vaccines unleash wedding boom

After a year of saying don’t, brides and grooms are lining up in a big way to say, “I do.” And say goodbye to weekend weddings. Monday is the new Saturday because of a logjam for venues and services.

5 Mattel wants you to send back your toys!

The 76-year-old company wants to recycle your old toys and help tackle climate change. Mattel PlayBack is designed to recover and reuse materials in old toys for future products as Mattel is committed to using 100% recycled plastic materials in all their products and packaging by 2030.