Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

Going over the pond may put you in hot water, retailers are trying to move impulse buying from the checkout line to online, Millennials think talking salary is casual conversation, Twitter asks users to be kinder/gentler and landlords say enough already.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 To travel or not to travel

Would-be international travelers, particularly vaccinated Americans, are entering an increasingly chaotic moment when dreams of travel — fueled by more than a year of confinement — are at odds with the facts of a largely shuttered and still reeling outside world.

2 Overturn of national eviction ban moves up risk of losing homes two months

A spokesman for the Department of Justice said it planned to appeal the ruling. It also seeks a stay of the decision, meaning the ban would remain in effect throughout the court battle.

3 Twitter to encourage healthier conversations

New prompts will be implemented asking users to review harmful or offensive replies before hitting send. On average, users composed 11 percent fewer offensive replies after being prompted at least once.

4 Millennials cool with asking how much you make

A millennial said she often initiates salary conversations with female colleagues first, framing her question as “Do you think we’re getting paid fairly?” Financial transparency is an education, courtesy of their peers, in how to manage financial situations—from salary negotiations to budgeting, borrowing and saving.

5 Retailers are testing tactics to bring impulse buying to the web

Some of the weirdest casualties of the pandemic have been gum and breath mints. Sellers are trying to bring impulse buying online but impulse buys are almost antithetical to online shopping. If you want a candy bar, you want it immediately, not in the two days it will take Amazon to get it to you.