Fast Five

SWC’s Fast Five

Happy hour is going to pot, jobs are going to the vaccinated, Rosy the robot is coming home, now we’re (well, Millennials) are parenting plants and your house is now brought to you by a darling little 11-foot 3D printer.

So, here’s this week’s Fast Five:

1 The rise of hiring (and firing) based on vaccination status

Job postings requiring employees to get vaccinated before applying are on the rise, and more and more firms say they’ll terminate existing employees who refuse to get the jab. Job postings per million on Indeed that require vaccination spiked 242 percent in the last month.

2 Are you a plant parent?

Given that 70 percent of millennials claim to be “plant parents,” this new app is primed to grow! PlantLife is a new plant-oriented social media app designed to celebrate your connection to your beloved plants. When you set up your account, you start by taking a photo of not only yourself, but of your plants, too.

3 Amazon unveils Jetsons-like robot for the home

Amazon’s new robot, Astro, can hear, see and follow you around your home. It doesn’t cook or clean like “The Jetson’s” robot, Rosey, but it could check to see if you left the stove on while you’re out or send an alert if someone enters your house it doesn’t recognize.

4 Welcome to the new happy hour

Drinks after work? With the legalization of marijuana in roughly half of the U.S. some co-workers are meeting up for a joint instead (where it’s legal). The growing legalization of cannabis is bringing weed into the workplace with some companies even using weed in team-building and socializing events.

5 How an 11-foot-tall 3-D printer is creating new homes

The printer pours layers of lavacrete, a proprietary concrete mix, one after another in long swirls. One home can be completed in less than 24 hours. The homes can tolerate extreme conditions and have already withstood a magnitude 7.4 earthquake. The real estate industry is watching to see if 3-D housing will become a new trend.